We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!


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  • Ms Marie
    Ms Marie  10 minutes back

    I’d go here

    • Nurse Kyra Ariana
      Nurse Kyra Ariana  25 minutes back

      Could you please review the new Anastasia luminous foundation vs the new Fenty hydrating foundation ❤️

      Like if you want this review next

      • Mama Mimi
        Mama Mimi  25 minutes back

        Can we take a moment to talk about maddie’s bikini bod? I mean, gorgeous!

        • Corey Meyer
          Corey Meyer  27 minutes back

          Ronald McDonald COULD N E V E R

          • just a waste of time
            just a waste of time  31 minutes back

            For some weird reason i smelled the chips it felt so accurate *im in confusion*

            • ArtTastic Beats
              ArtTastic Beats  32 minutes back

              Can you please review Florence by mills once it comes out 😩

              • ZoeyT06
                ZoeyT06  40 minutes back

                omg they're chilling near Jeffree Star and no one is freaking out? damn. i'd be sooo excited

                • Jeek Finger
                  Jeek Finger  41 minutes back


                  • Jessmc _x
                    Jessmc _x  43 minutes back

                    Please do a collab with Adore again!!

                    • jessica kaelin
                      jessica kaelin  49 minutes back

                      Jeffrey that was so fun to watch. I could tell you were in taco paradise. LaMer your cancelled. 🤣 Thx for sharing we love her!!!

                      • Core Anderson
                        Core Anderson  51 minutes back

                        2 butt boys

                        • Doro Moonlighting
                          Doro Moonlighting  56 minutes back

                          Ничего не понятно, но ооочень интересно)

                          • MissSweetness4u
                            MissSweetness4u  1 hours back

                            Lady Gaga is putting out a makeup line!!! Omg omg please review when it comes!

                            • Petra Doujak
                              Petra Doujak  1 hours back

                              Garbage, who watches this crap? And fucking why?

                              • Bridgette Stonestreet
                                Bridgette Stonestreet  1 hours back

                                OMG! I know my Baha Blast moment as well. Ok, I am an Alumne for a sorority, but my big brother was in the great family tree (frat boy). These guys went to Bell and kept filling up cups, and then added like 9 different liquors.... Greatarode was born. But I remember when it was only available at the store. I am so jelly.

                                • Jim Panse
                                  Jim Panse  1 hours back

                                  22:20 u can see nathans big bulge lol

                                  • diana echeverria
                                    diana echeverria  1 hours back

                                    zack is really good looking

                                    • Raquel Hulce
                                      Raquel Hulce  1 hours back

                                      you look so cute in your little shorts :)

                                      • Destiny Watson
                                        Destiny Watson  1 hours back

                                        I’m sorry who the fuck is Zach he’s so cute wtf

                                        • ConcreteJungleGaming
                                          ConcreteJungleGaming  1 hours back

                                          My wife order me McDonald’s

                                          • Lori Wiseman
                                            Lori Wiseman  1 hours back

                                            Review the spongebob pallet please!!

                                            • Sheela Noxx
                                              Sheela Noxx  1 hours back

                                              Jefree please I don't have money, send me some

                                              • Tony Stark
                                                Tony Stark  1 hours back

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                                                • Amanda Heart
                                                  Amanda Heart  2 hours back

                                                  Review Florence by Mille bobby brown

                                                  • eleanor aiston
                                                    eleanor aiston  2 hours back

                                                    what happened between u and james charles

                                                    • Laura Langabeer
                                                      Laura Langabeer  2 hours back

                                                      I have always loved Jeffree Star 😩

                                                      • Sam Lauren
                                                        Sam Lauren  2 hours back

                                                        lolololol this is so funny. the level of excitement is too cute!

                                                        • Aquariana S Life
                                                          Aquariana S Life  2 hours back

                                                          NATE AT 20:03 HAHAHJWKEIEKSK

                                                          • Elementine song
                                                            Elementine song  2 hours back

                                                            His closet is bigger than my hoise😂😂

                                                            • Jasmine
                                                              Jasmine  2 hours back

                                                              I'm currently eating taco bell as I watch this

                                                              • Mariah Ruiz
                                                                Mariah Ruiz  2 hours back

                                                                He’s so excited 😂

                                                                • Jaycee Williams
                                                                  Jaycee Williams  2 hours back

                                                                  well they got 115 Fahrenheit in Texas Austin

                                                                  • Georgette Williams
                                                                    Georgette Williams  2 hours back

                                                                    Wear a bra if you want to be a girl

                                                                    • am mm
                                                                      am mm  2 hours back

                                                                      It 90 degree here in new york

                                                                      • Jose Colin
                                                                        Jose Colin  2 hours back

                                                                        Jeffree: ARE YOU EXCITED
                                                                        Nate: ._. im so excited 😐

                                                                        • prishiii
                                                                          prishiii  3 hours back

                                                                          Nathan looks like the whole ass Indian flag color palette lol

                                                                          • M&M Gurl
                                                                            M&M Gurl  3 hours back

                                                                            Btw Lauren Godwin was there and saw him

                                                                            • Gacha ducky DUCKS
                                                                              Gacha ducky DUCKS  3 hours back

                                                                              “i only bring some makeup” me: looks in bag and face me being shocked me:” YA SOME MAKEUP”

                                                                              • Mary Rose
                                                                                Mary Rose  3 hours back

                                                                                Pleaseeee review Millie brown’s new skincare line

                                                                                • Viary Galimpin
                                                                                  Viary Galimpin  3 hours back

                                                                                  I've been bingewatching your channel and couldn't get enough of it! If you ever make a Jeffree star show I'd watch that EVERYDAY!!!

                                                                                  • Mia Young
                                                                                    Mia Young  3 hours back

                                                                                    i’d live there 😭

                                                                                    • Grace Oliva-Booth
                                                                                      Grace Oliva-Booth  3 hours back

                                                                                      Where can I buy his makeup in store?

                                                                                      • S T Ξ Λ L T H
                                                                                        S T Ξ Λ L T H  3 hours back

                                                                                        Do you still hang with deuce tho?

                                                                                        • Kahlan Owen
                                                                                          Kahlan Owen  3 hours back

                                                                                          Im eating the fire chips rn❤

                                                                                          • danielle millhollen
                                                                                            danielle millhollen  3 hours back

                                                                                            you should definitely go try to win arcade makeup and review it on your Channel. just my opinion but I think that would be an epic video let's see if we can get 500 likes

                                                                                            • Agent 205
                                                                                              Agent 205  3 hours back

                                                                                              Jeffree: I'm not gonna put a lot of makeup, just a little bit

                                                                                              Also Jeffree: ** does a full makeup tutorial **

                                                                                              • Galaxy Fanfan
                                                                                                Galaxy Fanfan  4 hours back

                                                                                                2:00 Omg that is sehun clothes in different color at what a life mv

                                                                                                • noyen5
                                                                                                  noyen5  4 hours back

                                                                                                  It would be great if you did a Target store cosmetics raid.